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Museum itinerary

The museum's display is arranged in seven major sequences, chronological and thematic.

  • The castle, Nantes and Brittany through the ages until the 17th century
  • Born of the river and the ocean
  • Trade and black gold in the 18th century
  • Nantes and the Revolution
  • An industrial and colonial port (1815-1914)
  • At war - 1914-1918 / 1939-1945
  • An Atlantic City ? Today and tomorrow


The exhibition ends with a vision of the city, a multimedia creation by Pierrick Sorin, occupying the entire area of the 32nd room.


Multimedia installations are used to support and complement the display of the collections. Some of these installations promote the fun of discovery, interactivity or the sense of immersion in a given historical atmosphere. Others provide more information on the display or more focussed contact with a document. They assist you to enjoy the living portrait of a city, both educational and fun.

Nantes history museum - © Patricia Bassen / LVAN