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Programme temporary exhibitions are an opportunity to question history and the contemporary world.

Exhibitions come in two forms: those that are mostly in relation with the city, whether historical or societal in focus, and those that examine Nantes’ relationship with other places. These exhibitions, often in association with major institutions or national or international museums, are the opportunity to present objects that are rarely exhibited in public. Since 2007, 26 exhibitions have been brought to the public, six of which were awarded the ‘exhibition of national interest’ label.

Events for all ages and groups are held throughout the year. Fans of Breton music or those curious to discover it can enjoy a taste of this culture in an intimate evening of music (Les Voix bretonnes) or at the grand summertime Fest-Noz (La Nuit Bretonne). 

Through a serie of events, the Château reveals itself through a new approach that is off-kilter, playful and surprising. On display from October to March, Les nocturnes !

As a key player in Nantes’ cultural scene, the Château is involved in major city-wide events (Le Voyage à Nantes, Aux heures d’été, Scopitone, Nantes Digital Week, Atlantide, etc.) as well as national ones (Nuit des Musées, Journées du Patrimoine).

Expression(s) décoloniale(s) #2

Decolonizing our thinking, views, and perceptions

Until November 14th 2021

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The Abyss: Nantes’s role in the slave trade and colonial slavery, 1707-1830

16 October 2021 to 15 June 2022

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Son of the sky and steppes : Genghis Khan and the birth of an empire

Postponed to 2024

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