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Jorj Morin Nantes and advertising

February 06th — May 02nd 2010

Jorj Morin, Nantes et la pub // Jorj Morin, Nantes and Advertising

Better known for his artistic activities, Jorj Morin (1909-1995) was also a commercial illustrator for over forty years in Nantes, working for local businesses, companies, and events like the Foire de Nantes or Mi-Carême (Carnival held mid-Lent). The exhibition showcased some 150 artworks and objects that displayed both his advertising work and the overall evolution of advertising from the 1930s to the 1970s. It was also an opportunity for the visitor to discover the industrial and commercial side of the city in the 1950s.
The playful and jovial quality of Morin’s work – from his humoristic slogans to his pared-down graphic design, often featuring humanized animals – made it accessible to families and children.

Curators: Anne Bouillé et Réjane Burki (Nantes history museum)

Scénography: Raphaël Aubrun, architect et Jérôme Houadec, graphic designer.

As part of the exhibition, Jorj Morin, Nantes et la pub, a competition was organized for graphic design students to create a poster advertising the Château. The best posters were presented in the castle courtyard.

poster of the exhibition
scenography of the exhibition
scenography of the exhibition
scenography of the exhibition
scenography of the exhibition